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“Living on the same farm for the majority of my life has led me to question why small, family farms elicit so much emotion for so many people."

Woodstock follows the seasons through the year on a family farm in the Southern Riverina, NSW, while exploring one hundred years of the farm’s history. It features no-nonsense and delicious recipes associated with the work and life on the land, and shares stories and memories to accompany each recipe. While history books often focus on the exceptional, this book delves into the little details, memories and records of everyday life on a rural property. Drawing on classic family recipes and adapting them to suit wholegrain and specialty flours, this book is also a great resource for bakers learning to use wholegrains.

Jennifer Congdon owns the now certified organic farm, Woodstock, with her husband Bob. The property has been in her family for several generations, becoming a treasured and sentimental place for her extended family and friends. This book examines links to the land, not just for Jennifer, but for all those who have experienced life on a family farm.

“A gently told family history that offers so much more, including mouth-watering recipes and beautiful photos to feast upon. Woodstock is a deftly collated, exquisite snapshot of an Australian generational family. Set on a regenerative farm that produces food grown with pure love. Woodstock is a timely reminder that family farms and their love of the land are key to our Australian rural future.”
Rachael Treasure, author and regenerative farmer