WINTERING Loose Leaf Tea
WINTERING Loose Leaf Tea
WINTERING Loose Leaf Tea

WINTERING Loose Leaf Tea

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Spiced I Warming I Grounding

A warming, spiced tonic fit for cold winter nights, crackling fires, lap blankets and good conversation. Spices perfectly blended to aid with digestion and stoke your inner fire, with nutty, coffee-like flavours of wattleseed and barley, without the caffeine buzz.

"If Winter was a tea, this would be it. It took me to such a calm place. So warming and soul nourishing." - Jasmine

Jar - 100g loose leaf tea. Amber glass jar with cork lined aluminium lid - a plastic free why to stylishly store and display your tea.

Pouch - 50g loose leaf tea. 100% compostable resealable pouch. Can be used to store tea or refill your amber jar.


Wattleseed (Acacia Victoriae)
Very rich source of protein, potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Chicory Root (Cichorium Intybus)
Can be added to coffee to enhance richness, used to treat high blood pressure, upset stomach, and constipation.

Hawthorne Berry (Crataegus Monogyna)
A tonic for the heart, restoring damaged tissue, strengthening the heartbeat, regulating blood pressure and aiding circulation.

Malt Barley (Hordeum Vulgare)
Soothing to the internal organs and great for digestion, this nutritive herb enhances circulation and the body’s ability to pass on waste. Immune boosting, blood cleansing, and high in antioxidants.

Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)
An excellent choice for stomach upsets, reducing inflammation, and soothing a sore throat. Gingers’ warming properties calm tired and painful muscles.

Cinnamon Myrtle (Backhousia Myrtifolia)
A calming native leaf for heartburn and the digestive system, with a spicy, cinnamon-like flavour.

Pepperberry (Tasmannia Lanceolata) 
An anti-inflammatory pain reliever with four times the amount of antioxidants than blueberries. The Tasmanian, or Mountain Pepperberry assists with slow absorption of glucose from the stomach, stabilising blood sugar levels and protecting the stomach lining.


Add one teaspoon per cup into an infuser, teapot, or plunger, pour over boiling water and let steep for 3-5 minutes before serving.

Drink hot, or add a little sweetener of choice and pour over ice, topping with ice cold milk of choice for a delicious iced coffee style beverage.

Ingredients// Wattleseed⁺, Chicory Root*, Hawthorn Berry⁺, Malt Barley*, Ginger*, Cinnamon Myrtle⁺, Pepperberry⁺
⁺Australian Wildcrafted
*Australian and Imported Certified Organic