SOURCE Loose Leaf Tea
SOURCE Loose Leaf Tea

SOURCE Loose Leaf Tea

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Balancing I Relieving I Soothing

A deliciously floral, sweet, lemony herbal blend with a mesmerizing pink hue. Packed with antioxidants and natural pain relief, SOURCE is the blend of blends to restore balance and ease moontime discomforts. 

Bronze winner in category Tea - Wellbeing of The Clean + Conscious Awards, 2022

Jar - 35g loose leaf tea. Amber glass jar with cork lined aluminium lid - a plastic free why to stylishly store and display your tea.
Pouch - 35g loose leaf tea. 100% compostable resealable pouch. Can be used to store tea or refill your amber jar.


Meadowsweet (Filipendula Ulmaria)
A member of the rose family, and known as Queen of the Meadow, Meadowsweet is an exceptional ally during moontime. Containing salicylic acid - the active component in Aspirin, making it effective at providing pain and inflammation relief. A gentle astringent, antioxidant herb that has traditionally been used to treat colds, joint pain, and excessive menstruation.

With a similar antioxidant count to green tea, this antifungal, anti-inflammatory source of calcium and magnesium helps fight off colds, flu, and stomach upsets.

Native lemongrass is a traditional bush medicine treating flu, stomach upsets, headaches, and migraines. A 2010 Griffith University study found Maarr may be just as beneficial as Aspirin at relieving the effects of headaches and migraines.

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia Citriodora) 
Containing the most concentrated plant source of citral, a powerful antimicrobial and antifungal compound making lemon myrtle superior to even tea tree. Boasting a higher concentration of antioxidants than blueberries, lemon myrtle is also rich in calcium, folate, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins A and E, equating to a delicious powerhouse ally to hold you, and heal you.

Hibiscus (Rosa-Sinensis)
Restores hormonal balance, reducing menstruation symptoms like mood swings, depression, and overheating. The analgesic qualities of hibiscus relax bladder and uterus muscles, offering you relief from painful period cramps.

Rose (Rosa Centifolia)
The Queen of flowers, with her high vitamin C and antioxidant levels that reduce anxiety, mood swings, cramping, and bloating, ought to be elevated to goddess status.


Add one teaspoon per cup into an infuser, teapot, or plunger, pour over boiling water and let steep for 3-5 minutes before serving.

For an iced tea, brew hot, leave to cool in the refrigerator, then serve over ice with your choice of sweeteners and/or garnish.

Add cooled brew to icy pole moulds with your choice of sweetener, summer berries, and mint leaves for a refreshing warm weather treat.

Ingredients// Meadowsweet*, Gulbarn⁺, Maarr⁺, Lemon Myrtle*, Hibiscus*, Rose*

⁺Australian Wildcrafted
*Australian and Imported Certified Organic